Eurostat regional yearbook 2018

Take a look at how your region compares to others

Figures at regional and local level

Is life expectancy in your region higher than in other regions of the European Union (EU)? What is the quality of life in your region? How much entrepreneurial activity takes place is your region? How much money is invested in research and innovation? Is your region richer than others? Which region has the highest internet use and do those internet users participate in social networks?

You can find answers to these and many more questions in the 2018 edition of Eurostat regional yearbook, published each year by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. It contains chapters on regional policies and European Commission priorities, as well as statistics on population, health, education and training, labour market, economy, structural business statistics, research and innovation, digital economy and society, tourism, transport and agriculture. It also includes two special statistical focus chapters: the first is on cities and the second on regional typologies. This News release focuses on differences in employment rates in cities and rural areas, life expectancy between men and women and social media usage at regional level.

The regional yearbook provides an overview of the wide range of regional statistics available for the 276 regions at NUTS level 2 (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) and, for some indicators, the 1 342 smaller regions at NUTS level 3. Data is available for all 28 Member States of the EU and, where possible, regions in the EFTA and candidate countries.

In addition to the regional yearbook, Eurostat offers three interactive applications to help visualise and analyse regional and local data: the two data visualisation tools Regions and cities illustrated and the Statistical atlas, as well as the mobile application.
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